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Accommodation for Professionals UK - a Search Engine for Professional Accommodation in the UK advantages:

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  • Powerful and simple interface allows you to create and edit property adverts online
  • Include images of your houses
  • See the number of hits each of your properties receives
  • Advertise your own website and contact details
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"the best accommodation site I have seen on the web", Professional Computers, 4 April 2002

"a great resource", Revolution Magazine, 6th Feb 2002

"one of its strengths is its simple web interface for landlords", New Media Age, 24th Jan 2002



Frequently Asked Questions:

How much traffic is there?

We are currently attracting about 50,000 professionals a month (Sept 2002).

How do you know if it is successful?

Our 1 click email system facilitates the communication between landlords and professionals.  With 1 click - a professional can have a preformatted email sent to the Landlord on their behalf.  We are able to track these emails and a landlord can expect to receive about 5 enquiries a week per house.  This does not include the professionals who visit landlord websites or rings them directly as a result of an advert on our site.

How many Landlords/Agents use your site?

We have over 2000 registered landlords and Agents and over 3000 properties UK wide.  These numbers are growing fast.

How will I be able to see if it is working?

At any time you can log onto the site and view performance.  Our reports will tell you how many professionals have looked at each of your houses in detail and also how many emails you have received from professionals interested in your properties. Try adding one property - after you see how easy it is and how many professionals contact you - you will wonder why you didn't start using it earlier!


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Millennium Award, 'Awarded for Excellence', 2002

Innovation Award Runner up, Property Business Show, London, 2002

Critical Mass Award, 'A very nice site, excellent
design, tasteful original graphics', 2002

Golden Web Award, 2002



How the site helps professionals::
Choose a city:
Enter criteria and view accommodation matches:
View individual houses to see pictures, descriptions, features, map and landlord contact details:
- Also: Clipboard, Chatroom, Landlord information pages, Noticeboard, Links, and much more...
How it works for Landlords:
Landlord Admin Site
Create account, log in and then start adding houses. They appear on the search engine instantly and for free!
Edit/make unavailable/delete houses as necessary - at any time through your web browser
Edit the individual room sizes and availability 
- enter details about your company (including logo, address, tel, email, website)

- reporting shows the number of times your property has been viewed and lists the number of emails that have been sent to you via our 1-click email system
- upload images through your browser 
- online support system means that you will have some one to turn to if you would like some help or guidance when using the system.

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