Reciprocal Links
We are the number 1 student accommodation search engine and we get 10s of thousands of students visiting our site every week.  Many of these students visit our links page to see the sites we recommend they use.  If you would like to receive traffic from our site then follow the simple instructions below: 
1) Place html from box below into your website
2) Fill in the form at the bottom of the page
We will then link to you immediately from our links database (see: links
Step 1 Paste html into your website

This is how the ad will look:

Aberdeen Bath Bangor Bedford Birmingham Bradford Brighton Bristol Cambridge Canterbury Cardiff
 Cheltenham Chester Coventry Crewe Derby Dover Dundee Durham Edinburgh Exeter Glasgow
Hartlepool Hertford Huddersfield Hull Keel Lancaster Leeds Leicester Lincoln Liverpool London
 Luton Manchester Middlesbrough Newcastle Nottingham Norwich Oxford Plymouth Portsmouth
Preston Reading Salford Sheffield St Andrews Stafford Strathclyde Stoke Southampton ALL OF UK
UK Wide Professional Accommodation Search Engine

Please copy html from box below and paste into your website (it may look like a lot but it is quicker for users to download than a standard banner ad):


Step 2 Fill in the form below
Your email address


URL of page on your site where you have added the above ad 
Your website Domain
Suggested Category (e.g. Insurance, jobs)
Your website Title
Your website Description and the services it offers (no capitalised words and please refrain from making exaggerated claims about your site)



 We will email you when the link is up. Should take approx 2/3 days.

If you have an image or banner ad you would like us to use then please email this to us after you have filled in the above form and reference your website.